Magnetic extension lashes - what you need to know

I have worked tirelessly to perfect the quality and manufacture of my lashes, I am Australian mum who started this business on maternity leave wanting to show my children what can be done if you believe in something and work hard! It started from such humble beginnings and I am blown away everyday at the support for my products. 


Frequently asked questions :- 


How long does shipping take? 

Shipping is prepared Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7pm EST (Brisbane), and collected by Australia Post the next day. For free shipping option we use Australia Post eparcel for domestic with tracking, they advise 2-6 business days to arrive depending on how rural. International shipping is by standard international parcel post, please see Australia post website to determine time frame to your country. 


Cleaning Lash NV7 Lash extensions?

Always apply your mascara and wait until it completely dries before applying  lashes. If you accidentally leave make up on your Lashes, firstly try a wet tissue or baby wipe very carefully. If this has no success, a rubbing alcohol should remove the stubborn make up. 


What are your lashes made from? 

Lash NV7 has a no animal hair policy! We only use the best quality luxury synthetic silk to manufacture our gorgeous lashes. 


Are Lash NV7 lashes safe? 

Yes! Completely safe from chemicals and glue toxins. They also do not damage your natural lashes when removed like other lash extension methods. 


How long will my lashes last? 

Always store your lashes in their box, always remove them before sleep and face washing, and always be careful with applying and removing. If you follow these guidelines your lashes will last at least 50 wears, some clients have reported over 100 wears! 


What if i cannot apply Lash NV7 magentic lashes

Stay patient and refer to our "How to apply" instructions. It may take a few practices for you to get the knack of it especially if you are not at all used to applying lashes. We do guarantee it takes a lot less time and patience than applying glue false eyelashes. If you are still having trouble please contact us via email and we will help you with some further tips!